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Beyond Masks is a distribution solution provider with established distribution channels that yield a secure and reliable inventory of personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies. We are consistently renewing and sourcing production lines to accommodate the requests of larger establishments such as hospitals, government agencies and resellers. Beyond Masks also has a network of logistics capabilities in place to ensure timely delivery of product. Our ability to manage high volume demand, without interruption, is why Beyond Masks has become the preferred vendor for many businesses, medical facilities, municipalities and resellers, alike.

Beyond Masks offers a variety of necessary and in demand products such as Nitrile Gloves, Syringes, Masks, Medical Gowns, Medical Booties, Hand Sanitizers, and Sanitizing Systems. The comprehensive variety of products we offer allows for peace of mind in knowing a safe environment can not only be created, but maintained, allowing everyone to contribute to the safety of those around them. We have domestic and international manufacturers for all of these products and can supply needed items quickly.

If there are items needed not currently being offered by Beyond Masks we encourage you to reach out to us. Our product selection is consistently expanding due to the needs of our clients. Our partners are well respected and are able to leverage their relationships to source the right items to satisfy our clients needs.

Looking for high demand PPE products?

Through our distribution channels, Beyond Masks has access to many high demand, hard to find PPE products.

Medical & Non Medical Gloves

Whether it is Nitrile, Vinyl, Latex or a Nitrile-Vinyl blend you are in need of, Beyond Masks, LLC has the resources to assist your business with weekly, monthly, quarterly or one-time shipments. We accommodate small orders up to production runs to ensure consistency and timely delivery.

Medical & Respiratory Masks

Beyond Masks, LLC’s dedicated sourcing department has a direct connection to various vendors of both 3 ply and N95 masks including 3M products. Simply let us know what it is you are in need of and we will find you the best solution.

Medical Booties

Studies show that 90% of bacteria on the floor is transferred from our shoes from first contact. Medical booties are imperative in ensuring a clean environment is maintained. Beyond Masks, LLC has multiple vendors with inventory ready to fulfill orders and can also assist in establishing production, if needed.

Medical Gowns

Having the right tool for the job is essential. Medical facilities and hospitals must be very careful in the guidelines for the gowns used to ensure they employ the correct gown for the task at hand. Beyond Masks, LLC is sensitive to these needs and has secured multiple gown vendors to make certain our client’s specific needs are fulfilled. 

Sterile Devices

Increased demand has caused a shortage of syringes in the market. Beyond Masks, LLC has a relationship with a U.S. based manufacturer and is able to provide consistent, high quality syringe inventory.

Hand Sanitizers

Not all hand sanitizers are the same and Beyond Masks, LLC understands different agencies may have different needs for the product selected. We have established relationships with a number of vendors to provide a variety of formulations from 60% to 80% alcohol, including ethyl and isopropyl alcohols, in vessels from 8 oz to 265 gallon totes.

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