Company Overview

In 2020, a new need arose in our country. COVID-19 struck the United States with a power unseen in this country in over 100 years, causing a desperate need for safety product resources. In response to the pandemic, Beyond Masks, LLC was born through a shifting of established channels of distribution, government contacts and production channels; leveraging those resources to ease the shortage of supplies. Business resources were pooled to create a team of highly experienced, top-notch partners to fortify sourcing, international production and connecting products with end users. In short, a solution to the desperate cry was created.

Today, Beyond Masks, LLC services civilian businesses throughout the United States as well as federal and municipal clients. The drive to solve the personal protection equipment (PPE) problems created by the pandemic pushed Beyond Masks, LLC to create a detailed and viable solution and has positioned Beyond Masks, LLC to provide consistent PPE solutions. Beyond Masks, LLC will never settle and will continue to build upon experience in a pursuit to continuously perfect their process and find better, more efficient ways to supply businesses with the much needed, life saving equipment so drastically at a shortage.

Our Mission Goal
Is to continue providing and serving our clients, but with the shortage crisis, we want to expand our services and help other businesses, organizations, and government with suppling their operations with PPE supplies.  

Our Vision
Is to grow the company to become a large supplier of PPE products that serves all sectors domestically and internationally. 

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Beyond Masks